Gayana - Kingdom (Paul Murashov Remix)

Gayana - Kingdom (Paul Murashov Remix)
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  • Размер: 7.84 Mb
  • Длительность: 03:25
  • Качество: 320 kbs
  • Дата релиза: 19.11.2021
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Текст песни Gayana - Kingdom (Paul Murashov Remix)

Sitting by the fire, feeling a little tired,
Waiting for the time it's going to storm.
The ocean in the night seems to invite me
To go back to the place I've come from…

I have been so many places,
Trying to find the one called home.
When my soul separates from my body,
Will I come into Your Kingdom?

Friend…He's a friend of mine until the end,
He's the only life and the way,
And I can feel His love more each day.

Warmed by the fire, bold as a lion,
God is my shield if I'm upright in heart.
Living by the Word divinely inspired,
Keep it in mind: you are the salt and light.

Pray to Jesus as your Savior;
Nobody knows when that time comes.
Narrow is the way that leads us to heaven,
Help me to be led by Your wisdom.

When the clouds are gathering round you,
Hear the whisper: «you're not alone».
When the sun goes down, don't lower your head, Raise it up and look up with hope.
'Cause there's a reason for everything,
And warm days will come after cold.
It comes and goes,
And God only knows,
We can only suppose,
As time goes by….

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